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Program Level Outlines

**Please keep in mind that these are general outlines. Every dog is an individual and learns very differently, just like us humans do. Some dogs' motivations are harder to find, and some dogs are more or less willing to work for someone they don't know. Remain patient and set your dog up for success to keep them moving forward each week.**

Basic Level - 6 Weeks:

     *Cues learned: leave-it/wait, focus, sit, down, drop-it, recall, and loose-leash walk.

     *Main goal by the end of this program level is to take your dog through the first and second learning stages by                     making sure your dog has a basic understanding of the behaviors and can perform them in a distraction-free area on         cue.

Week 1: Meet the dog and learn their personality, temperament, and what drives/motivates them.

              Pretest: see if the dog already knows any of the behaviors ON CUE already.

              Condition a clicker or verbal marker to let them know the instant they perform the correct behavior. 

              Teach a release cue (release, okay, enough, etc.) to tell them that they no longer have to remain in that behavior.

Week 2: Teach the initial sit, down, leave-it/wait and focus behaviors without the cue

Week 3: Pair Week 2 behaviors with a verbal cue.

              Teach the initial drop, recall, and loose-leash walking behaviors without the cue

Week 4: 

Week 5: 

Week 6: Test all 6 cues in a distraction free/minimal distraction area and graduate!

 pair them to a cue, start fluency: precision, latency and speed.

1. What drives/motivates your dog, condition a clicker or verbal marker, teach a release cue

2. Cues: leave-it/wait, focus, sit, down, drop, recall, LLW/Heel

works on the first and second learning stages

 Intermediate Level: 8 weeks -

stay, heel, stand, take-it,  fetch.

Basic bundle - Luring, shaping, and capturing behaviors

 How to learn new behaviors

 Fluency- Precision, Latency, Speed


Intermediate Bundlemust know the start of at least a few commands (sit, down, come)

 Fluency- Precision, Latency, Speed

 Generalization- Distance, duration, distractions, different situations


Advanced BundlePrerequisite- must know the start of most commands

 Generalization- Distance, duration, distractions




 Service training

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